DNAinfo New York, misprints!

Today DNAinfo New York posted an article about the meeting mentioned in an earlier post.


We had to comment.  Our comment on the article is below.  We are a bit disappointed to say the least.


This report is not an entirely accurate report of what happened at the meeting.  First of all any references to MMS/PS 191 and PS 199 being pitted against each other is false.    Their opinions differ and that is the end of it.  The CEC is the unifying body in which we both met to hear more information.  As written in the blog posted by the MMS/PS 191 redevelopment group early this morning, Where is the transparency? @ https://noredevelopment.wordpress.com/ , we are sister schools and we respect each other’s current positions.

There was no heckling.  A louder disagreeing mumble went through the crowd, but there was no making fun of Ms. Huang.  To be clear the most vocal parents at the meeting, in fact all of the parents that stood up, were current, past or future parents of PS 199.  Not a single parent from MMS/PS 191 stood up and said anything negative towards the parents of our sister school.  Our school has been fighting our own battle and has left PS 199 to wait for their information.  We do want information too, but we are saying no from the start.  We do agree with Mr. Shuffler that the RFEI is extremely flawed.  We do hope that a fairer document and more transparency become available to all affected parties, including the HS on the East Side.

Some corrections to the article: The picture with the caption “PS 191 Fights Back Against Possible School Redevelopment,” is a picture of Mr. Shuffler from PS 199.  The other correction is that Linda Rosenthal’s offices assisted in our rally as we organized it ourselves, for which we are very grateful.


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