Our Rally Rocked!!!!

Our first Rally was a great success!  Thanks to everyone.

We had a great turn out.  Our school’s community really stood up.  We had our parents, grandparents, and friends from Amsterdam Houses.  The Amsterdam Tenants Association and our school are irrevocably intertwined, as it should be.  Without them we could not have done this.  We had other parents who made signs, carried signs, and allowed their children to voice their opinions.  Those students stood with their teachers and shouted loud enough to be heard.  The families and children are the heart of our school.  We had other community organizations stand up for us.  We also had many of the local politicians that are supporting our efforts.

We want to give a shout out to Gale Brewer, one of our most ardent supporters.  We have had a relationship with Gale for over a decade.  Over and over again she has helped us build our school to what it is now.  A few of her accomplishments that have greatly impacted our school have been: our new yard, our auditorium’s sound system renovation, our upcoming Media lab, and our obtaining our Magnet Grant.

We wanted to thank the following political offices/ front runners for support during our rally:  Linda Rosenthal, Noah Gotbaum, Scott Stringer, Brad Holyman, Adriano Espaillat, Mark Diller and Marc Landis.

A few organizations came to help too.  We have a big shout out to our new partner, David Saphier at 199Demolition.com.  We thank New York for Communities for Change for sending representatives to help us.

Don’t forget to attend the CEC subcommittee meeting on Monday, May 13, 2013 at 5:30PM in our auditorium (The Museum Magnet School/PS 191 210 West 61st street).

And let’s hear it – “Don’t knock down the school, don’t knock down the school!”


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