It has been a long time coming, but we decided to put up one quick sheet, more will come, that give a quick explanation of what is happening.     MMS-PS191 FAQ sheet

Are they tearing down our school?

No.  Right now there is a proposal out asking investors if they would like to build on our site, as well as two other schools.  No decision has been made yet.

What does the proposal say?

It says that the DOE and ECF (Education Construction Fund) have proposed a public/partnership to lease the MMS/PS 191 property for 99 years and the DOE rents back the school space for 40 years.

Is it true they will just develop 1 of the 3 projects?

No.  The developers are allowed to bid on 1, 2 or all 3 properties.

What so bad about a new school?

This is not a proposal for a new school.  It is a proposal for a luxury high rise.  The new school would be the same size and two floors will be in the basement.  We are loosing half of our yard space.  We will not be able to grow as a school and take in any more new students.

What about all the new things our school has gotten in past years (school yard, sound system, media lab)?

All of these things will be torn down.  The tax dollars that we paid and then funded these renovations will go down the drain.

What happens if this goes through?

The earliest this would happen is 2015.  The school would be moved to a temporary space.  It is not guaranteed that we will have a yard or that the entire student population will be kept together.  They do not have to keep us within the catchment area.  There is nothing that is written that says the space has to be age appropriate.  Previous projects of this nature have taken 3-4 years.  Few families that are currently here would actually benefit.

What can we do?

Visit our blog for more information – noredevelopment.wordpress.com

Sign the petition – tinyurl.com/mmspetition

Join our committee – watch out for notices home


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