Taking lessons from Philippe Petit, the man on the wire…..

When you work in a school, there are tight ropes you have to walk.  You always hope you won’t fall into the treacherous space that lays between the two obelisks of thought.  Separation of church and state – how much do you teach about a holiday?  Why do you teach it?  Are you being biased?   Politics – are you influencing your students?  Whether you agree or not are you allowing your students to voice what they believe?  Parents – how do you communicate effectively?  How do you appropriately address the parent of a culture you know nothing about?

When we began this we had a few things we had to watch out for in order to maintain our balance.  We (the employees of the school) can’t speak ill of certain people.  We need to find the right words to be clear and get our message across.   We have to represent all the voices in our community as we speak.

On our petition were words that inspired us to take on this fight and are keeping us centered, “Children First!”  Our principal, Maria Verdesoto, wrote this.  We have the principal’s support, but she is walking that tight rope.  Every time we want to do something, she says great, but she has to meet the legal obligations that bind some of us as employees of the DOE.

We want those, who sometimes wonder where our leadership is, to know she is securing the ropes at the end so we can get safely across.  There are many more people we will not see that are helping, so don’t be discouraged by who you may not see; just keep fighting!  Pass on the message…Share our blog and petition…


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