Some Shout Outs!

We have a few shout outs!

Thank you so much to all of our staff and parents that came to our committee meeting on a Friday afternoon.  It shows how important this is to everyone.  They waited to get a start on their beautiful weekend and showed community support.  We have gotten more things rolling.   
A rally is in the works – watch out for more info! 
We have an extraordinary set of people working on Redevelopment table at our Carnival next weekend.
Teachers stayed really late working on an amazing sign for the Carnival. 
We had a group meet with a super researcher,  Laurie Frey, to get some more fact together for us. 
Thanks to the local politicians and members of their offices that came to lend a hand in some of these efforts, Linda Rosenthal and Paul Sawyier, Noah Gotbaum, Ellen Louis, and Betsy Bergren.

A second cheer goes to David Saphier who has been reaching out and supporting our efforts at MMS/PS 191.  He is against the redevelopment happening at PS 199.  You can find the link to his blog on this blog.  He provided the information that got our “going ons” posted on the WestSideRag.

And the is our last cheer.  Thanks for posting about us and keeping people up to date on the whole project. 

So keep the word going.  If you haven’t already sign our petition.  Share our blog and petition with other concerned community members!


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